Admission overview


1) If you would like, call and schedule a personal tour of the campus.

Tours of our school are provided throughout the year. As part of the tour, visit our new state of the art building which houses our science lab, computer lab, library and kindergarten classroom. Give us a call at (408) 946 0190 or email us at for tour arrangements. Tours last approximately 45 minutes.

2) Application.

Applications are  processed as they are received. Interested families are encouraged to apply early.

3) Evaluation

Once applications are received, school staff will contact you to schedule an evaluation date. Junior Kindergarten students can expect 30 minutes, and approximately 45 minutes to an hours for all other grades.

4) Acceptance letters

Acceptance and welcome letters are mailed within two weeks of the evaluation date.

5) New Parent Orientation

The school and Parent Teacher Group hosts a new Parent Orientation for all new parents to get the details on the upcoming school year. New school families are given a buddy family to get together with during the summer months and to answer any questions.