My Son has been going to this Preschool ever since he was 2 yrs old. The school environment is very friendly, safe and colorful. The staff is really dedicated, caring and experienced. My son likes especially Mr. Efren who is the Director of the school, Ms Lulu as well as Ms. Asha. The preschool has a lot of monthly activities and events like birthday celebrations, potlucks, cultural day, graduation day, thanksgiving party, Christmas party etc. I am pretty sure if anyone chooses this preschool, it would be one of their best decisions for their child.

John Paul Varkey 2018


A friend recommended this school, I took a tour and I actually like that the school is smaller and more intimate. the student teacher ratio is small so each student gets attention when they need it. My daughter loves going to school every day and looks forward to seeing her friends and teachers. she's eager to learn and I love hearing all her stories of the day, new songs and sharing all the new things she's learned. the teachers are warm, friendly, professional and have a love for their craft. Great school!

Sheryl Alquetra 2016


St. Thomas is great school. My two sons went to St. Thomas. The school has very welcoming & at home atmosphere and teachers are very sweet and loving. They did excellent work in academic. Both my boys are very advanced now in reading and writing all thanks to St. Thomas. I strongly recommend this school.

Parents of 2015 graduating preschooler.


I have my daughter attend St Thomas preschool from 2 years and all I can say is that she "Loves it". As a parent I love to see my child, happy and thrilled to go to school everyday, love to see that she misses her teachers and friends when she isn't in school.There is a one to one attention given to each child. The teachers are very nice , sweet and patient and attends to each need of the child helping them to grow and excel. My chid has grown immensely socially, spiritually and also with so much information and hands on experiments that has helped her to gain knowledge and also develop her creativity .. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a warm, loving safe and learning institution.

Parents of 2014 graduating preschooler.


My daughter attended the preschool program at st. thomas school milpitas. we  highly recommend the school having seen her progress and development over the 2 years she went there w.r.t the basic learning skills, interpersonal behavior and discipline .  Well balanced curriculum. ample space for outside play and fun.

Tony.A (Father of 2014 preschooler)


I started sending my 3 yr old energtic son to St Thomas school since July 2014 and I am happy that i choose this school(after taking into consideration 3-4 different schools).He never wanted to go to school but after going there he loves it.Ms Joy has done a great job.He is now more cooperative and his motor skills have improved a lot.He has learned a lot.I will surely recommed it others.

Ninu (Parents of 2014 graduating preschooler).


I treasure the discipline, how to distinguish right from wrong, and hanving the right attitude in life, more than anyuthing else. I value the way they have been taught to interact with others. I couldn't thank the teachers enough to be able to have my daughter walk out of this preschool with the right mind set

Mother of a 2010 graduating preschooler.